Ascent of the Toubkal in 3 days (moderate level)

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3 days Trek accompanied Moderate + TOU03
Number of persons Price from 2 to 3 Per Price from 4 to 5 Per Price from 6 to 7 Pe Total price for 8+ per
Price per person (€) 446 € 319 € 259 € Quote request

Included in the price

Transfer by taxi, minibus or 4 × 4 comfortable - Official mountain guide - Cook - Mules and muleteers for carrying your big bag - Rental of bivouac equipment - Refueling.

Not included in the price

Repatriation insurance - Your drinks - Tips and personal expenses - Accommodation and meals in Marrakech.

The Toubkal, roof of Morocco, in 3 days from Marrakech to Marrakech. The trek begins in the village of Imlil, passes to the sacred village of Sidi Chamharouch, 2 nights and dinner in bivouac or the refuge Neltner at 3200m, ascending and descending to Imlil by the same way, then return to Marrakech.

The High Atlas, climbing the highest peak of North Africa, gradual descent from the summit, professional coaching of our teams.

Day 1 : Marrakech / Imlil / Foot of the Toubkal

 Departure with your guide of mountain of Marrakech around 8h30 of morning and then transfer to Asni by the gorge of Ghighaya, go with our team of muleteers and cook to Imlil, beginning of the trek, passage by the village of Aremd, and then by A trail in a naked balcony to reach the sacred village of Sidi Chamharouch, lunch break, along the torrent, and then we continue our climb up the upper valley of Ait Mizane to reach our bivouac or refuge at 3100 m altitude. 1h45 of road - 5h30 of walk. Difference in altitude: + 1400 m.

Day 2 : Toubkal Foot / Toubkal Summit / Toubkal Feet

 Departure early morning for the ascent of Toubkal 4167 m, climb without technical difficulty, apart from the difficulty due to the altitude. Fantastic view of the surrounding massifs, the plain of Marrakech and the desert of the Anti Atlas. After the picnic descent by the trail of Aqqa n Tyara, and return to the bivouac. 4h of climb and then 2h30 of descent. Difference in altitude: + 1100 m, - 1100m

Day 3 : Feet of the Toubkal / Imlil / Marrakech

 Descent along the valley, passing through the holy village of Sidi Chamharouche, sacred place among the Moroccans, lunch to Imlil and then transfer to Marrakech. 4h walking and 1h30 of road. Difference in altitude: + 80 m, - 1400 m. We deposit you in your accommodation.

Important :

This itinerary is given as an indication, for various reasons due to inclement weather or others, your guide may have to make changes on the program, if necessary, for the smooth running of your trip.

In tent in bivouac or shelter in dormitory


A passport valid for 3 months from the day of entry into Morocco is required (essential), for nationals of the European Community (no visa).

For minors, they must have their own passport.

If the child is traveling with someone other than his or her parents:

An authorization or a legalized letter to the mayor indicating that their parents allow their child to go on a trip with the person accompanying him / her.


It is about being in good physical condition. During the hike, it is necessary to be autonomous and to take with you a pharmacy kit (dressings, aspirin, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, total screen, lip balm, disinfectant tablets, eye drops.

Water and drinks:

The supply of water is made in sources, its treatment is recommended (type Micropur). Tea is served at noon (except for the stages where the mules and camels do not follow the same route as the group) and at the finish of the stage. In the evening a tea is offered after the meal. .


Each participant walks on foot with a light backpack, containing only the personal belongings necessary for the day (gourd, camera, pharmacy kit ...). The rest of the equipment and the equipment of bivouac, as well as the refueling, are transported according to your journey by the mules.

The price :

All prices depend on the number of participants.

The price indicated will be definitive (there will be no surprises of the additional costs!).

Framing :

A  professional guide certified by the Mountain Trades Training Center (CFAMM) will accompany you for all our treks  .             You will be assisted by a team of cook muleteers.

You will be notified of the schedule and venue with your guide.

 Money and tips :

Currency is the Dirham. 1 € = 10.60 Dh.

Allow cash to pay for your drinks and meals if not included in the estimate, and for tips for the team accompanying you during your hike / trip.


To better enjoy the outdoors and nature, we opted for the formula "Bivouac" as accommodation. The places of our bivouacs are chosen according to several criteria: the beauty of the site, the calm, the safety, the proximity of a water point .... We provide two-seater tents with foam mattress with sleeping cover, mess tents for the evening meal, floor mats, cutlery and kitchen items.

 Clothing and small items:

It is necessary to wear good quality shoes "hiking in the mountains". It is hot during the day but the nights can be cool. It is therefore advisable to provide outfits accordingly: Anorak - polar - jogging - t-shirts - bermudas - hat or chèque, and sunglasses, gloves and hat will be welcome especially in the evening and early morning.

Headlamp, spare bulbs and batteries, lighter to burn litter, sunscreen cream for skin and lips, toiletries, toilet paper, wipes for cleaning.


They are prepared by a cook. Made with fresh products, they are mainly composed of salads cooked in midday and local dishes in the evening (couscous, tagine ...). A full breakfast is served outdoors or in tents before starting the day. During the bivouacs and for more comfort, meals are served every night under the mess tent. Dry fruits (dates, dried figs, peanuts & pralines) are offered to the participants during the hike.

Materials to be provided:

Cloisonne sleeping bag, normal use 0 to -5 ° C - Hiking sticks especially for mountain descents - tennis or sandal with good soles to walk in the water courses in certain hikes - A rain cape.

 Travel and Transportation:

Transfers are carried out in taxi, in group-reserved minibuses, or private 4x4. For your comfort and safety all vehicles have a tourist transport approval.


Photo / Videos:

 Always ask for permission before photographing a person.

It is forbidden to photograph or film anything that is military.

Digital cameras: Have enough memory and batteries.